My name is Lynn Thonet, and I want to lead a philosophical revolution through clothing, in which we merge the spiritual subconscious privacy of dreams with our global, technologic society.  I am interested in how our society dresses in yesterday’s underwear and the move towards comfort and homewear for date night. I think costumes are a projected version of characters in society, making their garments a direct, dated record of emotions towards archetypal appearance. In my artistic practice, I idolize homebodies as shaman saturated in the spiritual world of our subconscious, celebrating menial tasks during which great subconscious progress is made. I am interested in how shaman are seen as revered, therapeutic individuals but are usually separate from regular society because they live in two worlds, the visual and the spiritual. I am interested in others who live in “two worlds” such as individuals with mental health problems, strippers, and those who are internet famous. Black light environment often represent this idea of a hidden other-world for me. My practice lies in costuming modern rituals and ceremonies and collaborating with other artists to design immersive installations and other worldly performances. My garments are for sharing subconscious emotion and I use meditative and lengthy hand processes, such as crochet, silk screen, and latch hooking, to release my subconscious. My goal is to work with other artists to share personal experience and dress the subconscious.


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